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Go viral with every video

Turn your casual viewers into cheerleaders by rewarding them when they bring in new audience.

Ankur Warikoo

“We saw 400% growth in referral views, and 4000% jump in subscription rate from those views. We gained 15k+ more views than the average and 1.3k new subscribers from our videos within the first day of publishing!”

Ankur Warikoo
3mn+ subscribers

This is where it all comes together

Challenge your audience with a mission — to bring new audience.

Top 3, 10, or whatever people who bring in the most new people to your content, wins! 🎉

Here's how a mission looks like:

An example of how a mission looks like to your audience

Become the talk of the town, in under a minute

Creating content has never been easier. Getting audience, however, has never been harder.

Not any more. We are going to reward our organic audience to bring in new audience. And new audience to bring newer. And so on.

Here's how to get new audience:


Create a mission

For your next video, submit the URL and get a mission page.

Your audience will create their unique links to share your video with their friends and win prizes.


Share the mission

Add the link to the mission in the description and pinned comment on the video.

Even better — also talk about the mission in your video itself.


Sit back and go viral

Let your audience bring in new audience, while you keep an eye on the leaderboard.

In a few days, declare the winners and give them the promised prize.

That's Eyeballs Effect

The Eyeballs effect

So easy that it feels like a cheatcode

Your existing audience (however small) exactly knows who among their circles will dig your content.

They already talk about you, most likely. All they need it a little nudge to go one more step and bring their friends to you.

Here's how to create a mission for your audience:

Everything you need, and nothing you don't

Eyeballs is deceptively simple on the outside and unimaginable sophisticated inside.

We have sweat over every little detail while building it along with some of the most successful YouTubers today, so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Here's what you will get:

Bot protection
Our spam detection makes sure no one cheats and avoids malicious visits to your content.
Choose your objectives
Whether it is video views or channel subscribers, you get to choose what do you want to grow.
Gamified Leaderboards
Along with you, all participants can also keep a tab on their rank in the mission and work harder to win.
Optimized for mobile
We know that most shares happen on mobile, so we made it seamless to do so on smaller screens.

Hit the bull's eye every single time

With Eyeballs in your toolbox, you will never be shooting in the dark anymore.

Even better — you will start building an intimate relationship with your audience, and there's no substitute to it.

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